Canoe Lifeguarding

Canoe Lifeguarding is at the heart of what we do. There are numerous clubs affiliated to the BC Lifeguards who are either dedicated lifeguard units or canoe clubs who regularly provide safety cover from kayaks, canoes etc., typically for open water swimming, triathlon  or water based festivals/events.

We have a range of Canoe Lifeguarding awards ranging from Junior CST up to the full Lifeguard award, as well as an open water swim event specific award called the Swim Event Safety Award (SESA) which is available to all canoeists or kayakers.

Most of our awards can be taken in either canoe or kayak, and could even be taken utilising SUP (Stand UP Paddleboards) or Rescue Boards as seen on some beaches.


Lifeguard Awards

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Canoe Lifeguard Trainers

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Training & Courses
Courses are run on an as and when required basis. A list of Canoe Lifeguard trainers throughout the UK can be found via the British Canoeing Find a Provider tool. However, you can also contact us directly if you’d like to enquire about arranging training or a course specifically for your organisation.

More Information
If you’re interested in a SESA course please get in touch and we may be able to assist you with organising a course. Please email¬†

Trainer Resources

Lifeguard Trainer Resources can be found here.

Note: You will require a password to access these resources. Please contact us if you don’t already have this.